Thirty students signed up for six weeks of tennis instruction where they learned the basics of tennis.  They were taught how to hit a f ore hand shot, back hand, serve, volley and over head.  They also learned how to keep score and the basic rules of the game.

On July 12, everyone gathered at the recreation park and divided into four teams.  The teams competed for points based upon the skills they had learned.  The two  winning teams then competed against each other for the first place trophy.  The other two teams went head to head for the consolation trophy.  Participates are  shown below.



Tournament Winner

The White Team  takes the first place trophy with a total of 72 points.  Pictured left to right is Anissa Holland, Bethany Olsson, Zeb Enloe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Paige Robinson.

Runner Up

The Red Team was very competitive with 69 points, losing to the winner by only three points.  Pictured left to right is Jason Jimenez, August Penland, Britney Rogers, Brianna Olsson, and Samuel Taylor.

Consolation Winner

Team Red wins the consolation trophy with a total of 67 points.  Pictured left to right is Noah Henderson, Micaiah Rowland and Eleanor Brow.  Not pictured:  Zee Keezer and Anothy Harrell

Consolation Runner Up

Team White had a total of 48 points.  Pictured left to right is Cole Pantaleo, Jared Holland, Kristen Randall and Abby Solomon. Not pictured:  Alesis Godwin